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Lee Optometrics Optometry is an optometric office conveniently located in downtown Palo Alto since 2007.

Adrienne Lee, OD has practiced in the Bay Area since 1990 and is assisted by our staff opticians Eddie, Christina, and Cherie. Pearl Yee, OD,  Noelle Sung, OD, are our associate optometrists who also have many years of experience to serve your eye care needs.

With new and state of the art diagnostic equipment and high quality European and Japanese-made frames in the dispensary, our optometrists are available Tuesday through Saturday.  Our boutique provides the largest selection of current frames in Palo Alto to fit any type of face for our multicultural society. We also carry a nice selection of frames for the unique Asian fit, African American and Hispanic fits. Please feel free to drop in and see our extensive selection of unique and designer eyewear for adults and children. If you are a hard to fit face shape, our experienced and patient opticians will surely be able to please you.

Call or drop in for an appointment: (650) 326-1649.